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 Morgan & Eric Grasham are collaborating sculptors, and freelance fabricators/theme artists living in Dallas, Tx. 

The Grashams are interdisciplinary artists informed by science fiction, from Xenogensis to A Fire Upon the Deep, whose works emphasize authoring the future by embracing otherness and speculative living. Their intermedia studio practices play with a unique constellation of skillsets and experience, creating everything from architectural sculpture and immersive installations to wearables and functional ceramics. Their work (and lives) are influenced by several years' residency at The Chicken Farm Art Center in San Angelo, Texas. They earned their MFAs in 2020/2023 from University of North Texas. 

The Grashams have worked on projects for Meow Wolf Grapevine, Tinc Productions, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (Seaworld Parks & Entertainment), Flying Squirrel Sports Indoor Trampoline Park, Malibu Jack's Fun Park, Central City Fun Park, and more. Previously, the Grashams worked in art production, in ceramics and wildlife fabrication (taxidermy). 

Grashams' skills include concept design, armature fabrication, sculpting in large scale foam and epoxies (plus polyurea hardcoating), digital fabrication (laser cutting, CNC routing, CNC plasma cutting, 3D printing, CNC hot wire cutter), scenic/theming work and installation, welding and metal work, muraling, painting and airbrushing, mold making and casting, bookmaking, bronze casting, and more. 


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